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Featuring Burt Rutan / SCALED Composites Ships

Educational activity books containing plans to build LEGO models of most of the publicly known manned ships built and flown by Burt Rutan’s Rutan Aircraft Factory (RAF) and SCALED Composites. Some models are also offered as kits. Plan sets include technical, scientific and historical information about the actual ships as well as illustrated step-by-step LEGO model assembly instructions.

Models include: VariViggen, BD-5J, VariEze, Quickie, Defiant, Long-EZ, AD-1, Amsoil Racer, NGT, Grizzly, Solitaire, Voyager, Catbird, Boomerang, Microlight, Starship, Predator, CM-44, ATTT, Triumph, ARES, Pond Racer, Lima II, Raptor, VisionAire Vantage, V-Jet II, Proteus, Adam, EZ Rocket, SpaceShipOne / White Knight, Cory Bird’s Symmetry, GlobalFlyer, PDE Long-EZ, SpaceShipTwo / WhiteKnightTwo, Firebird, Dick Rutan’s Berkut, Bipod & Stratolaunch.

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